This is a page that holds every project that I have worked on outside of school. Since this is every project I've done it contains the good, bad, and the ugly.

Cobble Global Game Jam 2020

What is it: Single player platformer made for the theme of "Repair". The game is set inside of a clocktower and you have to use gears to power different contraptions to escape the tower.

Team Size: 7

Duration: 5 Days

What I did: Programmed spline based moving platforms, tileset generator for the 2.5D style, gear mechanics to allow contraptions to be powered and unpowered. Project was a mix of C++ and Blueprints.
Ground ControlUE4 Mega Jam 2019

Random Name
Made by a team of 5 over 7 days for the UE4 Mega Jam 2019. For this project I handled all of the networking code which included steam matchmaking as a server browser and two networked characters, one that was a third person character who ran around interacting on a ship and the other who was first person in a control room.
Untitled VR Kart RacerJan 2019-June 2019

Solo project made to learn C++, VR, and networking. This project included a network replicated kart movement system, pooled item spawning system, and grabbable items.
Last Day In The Park UE4 Summer Jam 2019

Random Name
Solo project, all of the art and programming was done by me. 3D Modeling was done in Blender, project made in Unreal Engine. Made for Oculus VR.
Recalled UE4 Spring Jam 2018

Made by a team of 4 in 5 days for the Spring UE4 Jam 2018. Our team ended up placing in one of the 3 finalist spots.
Stranded On Mars UE4 Summer Jam 2018

Made by a team of 4 for the Summer UE4 Jam 2018.
Into the Arcade UE4 Spring Jam 2019

Random Name
Made by a team of 4 in 5 days for the Summer UE4 Jam 2019. I handled programming and level design.
Scrappy Ludum Dare 42, 2018

Random Name
Made for Ludum Dare 42 in 48 hours. All of the art and programming done by me.
Elemental Slime Slime Jam 2018

Random Name
My first game made for the Slime Jam in 5 days
DBUG UE4 Mega Jam 2018

Random Name
Made by a team of 5 for the Unreal Engine 4 Mega Jam 2018. You play as a college student trying to figure out what has happened to your world after your door blue screens when you try to open it.
Agent Cupid UE4 Winter Jam 2019

Random Name
Made by a team of 3 for the UE4 Winter Jam 2019. Designed for the Oculus Rift you play as Cupid attempting to sneak into a cold war bunker as you take out robotic enemies.
Growing Home Global Game Jam 2019

Random Name
Made by a team of 4 for the Global Game Jam 2019 in 48 hours. You play as a Hermit Crab while you avoid enemies and collect food as you grow in size and out of your old homes.